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Get These Important Nutrients From Our Smoothies

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Fruit & Veggie SmoothiesWhen you’re looking for a healthy and tasty infusion of vitamins and nutrients, you can always find a great variety of smoothies and cold-pressed juice here at Zoe Juice Bar here in Olympia. Made from nothing but 100 percent pure, raw, fresh juice from a wide assortment of fruits and veggies, we’ve got the nutrients you need to help you through the day as well as support your long-term health. Here are just a few of the essential nutrients you’ll get from our juice and smoothies.


In recent years carbs have been viewed as something to avoid, with some fad diets leaving them out entirely. It’s important to understand that there are many different types of carbohydrates, and carbs in processed foods often take the form of refined sugars that are certainly not good for you. However, dietary fiber also falls under the carb umbrella, and naturally-occurring sugars like those found in our smoothies and juices are a great source of energy.


While also an excellent source of fuel for your body, protein is also an essential building block that your body uses to generate muscle tissue. Many people think that protein is found only in meat, and while it is true that meats do contain protein, so do many types of legumes, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. A deficiency of protein can lead to reduced energy levels and muscle deterioration, so make sure you’re getting lots of it!


Simply put, iron is a crucial element for normal, healthy body function. It is used to produce hemoglobin, the substance that delivers oxygen to all tissues and systems in our bodies via the circulation of blood. Because it’s found in many leafy greens, many of the green juices and smoothies offered in our Olympia juice bar feature spinach and/or kale are a great source of iron. View our menu for many delicious and nutritious sources of iron!

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