FAQ – Zoe Juice Bar


Q. What is cold press?  Check out this video clip to see how fresh, cold press juice is made.

A. We use the number one cold press machine in the industry. Our produce is ground into a fine pulp and then we apply several thousands of pounds of pressure to the pulp to extract every ounce of goodness the fruits and veggies have. Our juices are made without any added sugars, waters, additives or pasteurization.  They are 100% fresh and raw. 

Q. How many calories are in each juice?

A. Our juices have an estimated calorie content between 110-200 calories per bottle.

Q. Settling or Separation?

A. Our juice is raw and contains NO additives or preservatives. Only additives can prevent the natural settling process. Just shake it up and enjoy!

Q.  Is your juice gluten free?

A.  Yes are juice is 100% gluten free.

Q.  Is your juice vegan friendly?

A.  Yes, our juice is vegan friendly.

Q.  What do you do with all that pulp?

A.  This is actually one of our most popular questions at our retail store.  We have several local farmers that pick up our pulp weekly.  They have very happy farms :)




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