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Tips For Cycle Commuting

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Riding your bike to work can be an extremely rewarding experience, but many residents of Olympia are afraid to try it, or try it once and get turned off when something goes wrong. As a local business who believes in supporting environmentally-friendly practices, our juice and smoothie bar wants to encourage you not to give up! In this article, we share some tips for making your bicycle commute easy, healthy, and enjoyable.

Being Prepared

Having the right equipment can make a world of difference when you’re depending on pedal power to get to work. Install a bracket or rack so that you don’t have to carry your stuff on your back. Make sure you’ve got at least two lights so that you’re visible to drivers behind and in front of you. Emergency rain gear is also a good idea (it is Washington, after all!), as is an easily accessible supply of water to drink while riding.

Learn The Route

If you’re riding to work for the first time on a Monday morning, trying to navigate unfamiliar streets and traffic patterns, you will almost certainly be frustrated and irritable by the time you make it in. Instead, do a trial ride on the weekend when traffic is better and you have the time you need to explore the best route. Take trails when possible to avoid busy streets, and look for opportunities to use side streets or cut through quiet neighborhoods. Carrying a map doesn’t hurt, either!

Fuel Up

Being prepared means more than simply having the right gear and knowing where you’re going. To meet the increased demands on your body, you will also need to make sure you’re getting plenty of rest and nutrition. Zoe Juice Bar can help on both counts. Save time in the morning by taking one of our smoothies along for the ride! That way you won’t have to get up even earlier to make breakfast. Our Olympia juice bar opens at 7:30 during the week, making it easy to drop by and pick one up before work. You can also buy a bunch of smoothies ahead of time, keeping them in your freezer until you’re ready to grab and go!

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